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10 SUPER-IDEAL Application Properties and 7 Cloud-Native Traits

Cloud Applications in the Context of their Connected Clients

Recap: Twelve Definitions Distilled (Part 1)

IDEAL Decomposition, State and Systems Management

IDEAL application properties, first postulated by Christoph Fehling and his co-authors of “Cloud Computing Patterns”

Evidence, criteria, agreement, documentation, realization/review

Photo by Massimo Sartirana on Unsplash

Context: Web API Design and Evolution (WADE)

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have been around for a long time, both local ones inside modular programs and remote APIs connecting operating system processes and distributed systems. …

12 Definitions Distilled

Strategic Decisions

Let’s investigate cloud strategy as an example domain.

Decision Making: Weighting Options to Solve Complex Design Issues

Architectural Significance and Decision Making Criteria

In “Architectural Decisions — The Making Of”, I motivated why Architectural Decision…

Service-Oriented Analysis and Design with DDD and MDSL (Source: [1])

My Frequently Accessed Venues (FAVs)

Architecture Description Formats

When it comes to documenting software architecture requirements and designs, some of my most frequently visited resources are:

  1. The twelve-section arc42 template “takes the pain out of documentation”…

The Software Engineering Alphabet

Background and Context

Story 22 on “Diagram-Driven Design” in Gregor Hohpe’s “Software Architect Elevator” reminded me that I was one of the pundits that once contributed to an “A-Z list of 26 new development strategies”…

A Collection of “Mighty” Method Elements on GitHub

Real-World Architecture Metaphor: Repositories, Artifacts/Building Blocks, Patterns, Architectural Style(s)

Doc SoC

Domain-Driven Designer, Architectural Decision Maker, Serviceorienteer

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