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  • Gerben Schepers

    Gerben Schepers

  • Michael Kittlitz

    Michael Kittlitz

  • SaurabhG


    I am an enthusiastic learner. Always want to challenge my last learning & keep hunting for new learning.

  • Morgan Craft

    Morgan Craft

    CTO @ Hickory Training. Father. Mentor. Product Dreamer.

  • Ersin Er

    Ersin Er

    Yazılım-Sistem Mimarı: Dağıtık Sistemler, Bulut, DevOps/SRE, Veri, Performans • Stratejik Lider & Düşünür • Fotoğrafçı • Dilsever

  • vitonzhang


    Coder At Beijing. Maybe open a company in the next ten years.

  • Michael Keeling

    Michael Keeling

  • Thomas Vaillant

    Thomas Vaillant

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